As JMG Painting, one of SW Florida’s largest painting contractors, experienced rapid and continual growth their need for better employee management systems was evident. They were spending hours each day meeting with as many as 50 staff members, crews, and project managers to assign tasks, prepare job materials, get updates from staff on their progress, not to mention the time tracking was a nightmare.

JMG turned to 4what, who has had over 20 years of experience developing software that has helped companies streamline their processes.

The solution architects at 4what went to work in a discovery process to outline their needs and look at the workflow, jobs, and time deficiencies to put together an outline and flow that would work.

We determined that all employees had phones and if jobs are planned and scheduled by administration to assign specific locations and job tasks, the 50 plus employees can save at least 2 hours per day, between commute and meeting time. Geolocation time tracking would ensure that employees are spending time on the job and clock them out when they leave their geofence.

In addition the plan could save administration and management at least 200 hours per month just in paperwork by automating tasks and reports.

The billing and finance team can streamline their daily activities by using data from the system to automate billing. The savings that JMG was about to experience were tremendous.

Today JMG and it’s employees are on track, and more efficient and profitable than ever. The system has been fine tuned and is ready for other companies like JMG that are experiencing the same challenges.

For more information and a demo of this solution please contact 4what at 1-888-464-9428 x101.