Based on a long working relationship with key executives at vmware, 4What’s digital production team was approached to help the sales team effectively demonstrate an up-coming vmware software rollout. After meeting with the team and understanding the “need” for the product, we all agreed a scenario based demo would help potential users understand the value of the product and help to sell it as it i s rolled out.

While the software was in final phases of development and only parts of the interface were ready, 4What was tasked to apply creative visuals and mockup live data screens. Within a few weeks a 4 minute sales enablement demo was ready for the salesteam to push out to prospects and customers.

High-quality “sales” videos can help your sales team learn about and demonstrate key concepts and strategies anytime, anywhere. Showing these concepts in action helps the actual buyer visualize themselves in the situation and understand how they improve their business with your product.

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