The sales transformation journey with T-Mobile’s vision, Baker Communications (BCI) coaching and sales transformation strategies, and 4What’s eLearning solutions has pushed T-Mobile to earn the #1 spot in the 2017 Learning! 100 Awards.

T-Mobile leadership found the telesales team was performing and meeting it’s revenue targets, the organization was highly fragmented, with call centers each using different processes, tools, management models and training approaches. Knowing this wasn’t a sustainable result, the team called on our partner BCI to implement proven strategies and tools in six call centers and 1,200 telesales agents.

As the pilot program launched and show signs of success it quickly grew to include all call centers. A comprehensive and highly customized sales training curriculum, internal campaign and rollout introduced a new internal brand designed to empower the agents called “Unleash, Empower, Excel” (UEE).  4What worked on elements that aligned with T-Mobile’s corporate brand, and the result was cultural movement that connected with agents.

The teams worked together to build a series of e-learning modules, on-site and virtual learning classes, coaching modules, reinforcement e-learning solutions, multimedia solutions, promotions and more. The goal was cultural change, excitement and a focus on working cohesively as one unified T-Mobile to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Over the course of the learning journey, 4What visited many call centers, created collateral and signage, filmed leadership and staff, and created a b-roll library of agents used in live events, training and team building.

The journey for 4What was completed with a series of Captivate eLearning modules loaded into their LMS. Knowledge checks were incorporated to help engage the user and gauge retention.

The results of the new “Unleash, Empower, Excel” sales transformation were successful and resulted in new engagements that are currently in progress.

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