So, what exactly is Wideo?  Wideo is our Web Video product and is a powerful and innovative messaging tool that brings vitality and personality to your website.  Help your web visitors navigate through your site, and point them to the areas that you would like them to view.  Wideo can be delivered by a professional spokesperson, or by a member of your own company...even you!


  • Add to your website homepage - Personally greet your visitors and welcome them to explore your site!  Boost traffic to specific areas within your website using the power of persuasion.
  • Website lead or contact forms – The addition of a wideo is proven to increase the amount of people that complete your online form.
  • Promote new products or services – A Wideo Spokesperson can explain new products or services more effectively than text alone.
  • Email campaigns – Adding a wideo to your email is shown to increase click-through rates on email campaigns.
  • Online newsletters – Add interest and increase repeat visitors to your online video newsletter with wideo.


    • Increases Response Rates
    • Higher Customer Retention
    • Offers Persuasive and Effective Messaging
    • Engages and Greets your visitors
    • Produces Phenomenal Results
    • Creates a Personalized Website Experience

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