Mobile Design & App Development

The Mobile Development Team at 4What provides professional mobile web design, mobile app development, and mobile marketing to help you accelerate business growth by staying ahead of your competition. We build mobile websites and apps that are user friendly and easy to navigate when using mobile phones and portable devices such as an iPad. A Mobile website or app is now becoming a necessity for those wanting to stay ahead of the competition by engaging their audience with their “on-the-go” mobile lifestyles. Going mobile with your business provides you the opportunity to build brand loyalty, solid connections, stronger customer base and opportunity to promote growth.

Mobile Website Development

Your customers want to find you on their mobile phones.  4What’s mobile solutions are designed for all business sizes and budgets and  take advantage of the latest technologies, techniques and strategies to ensure your website is optimally built to be viewed on mobile devices. 4What will develop a strong mobile presence for your business using some of the following strategies:

  • Setup website so it can identify mobile devices
  • Build mobile menus to provide easy navigation
  • Optimize pages with larger text for easy viewing
  • Simplify images and page content for mobile devices
  • Optimize video content for mobile viewing
  • Smartphone maps with one click directions
  • Optimize phone numbers so customers can easily call with one touch

Mobile Development for Apple iOS, iPhone & iPad

4What, an Apple approved app developer, provides customs app development for iPhone and iPad platforms. Our dedicated team consists of highly skilled user interface and experience experts, developers and programmers, integration specialists, project managers, and marketing experts to provide guidance and a solid process to ensure your project is a success.

Why choose the 4What Mobile App Team?

  • We take a personal interest in every project to understand what is needed to guide you in the right direction.
  • We provide a more creative personalized and engaging user experience
  • We approach the project from an end user perspective to ensure the end result is user friendly
  • We create strategic short term and long term development plans
  • We can help market your app through unique personalized messaging
  • We are the experts in providing application strategies that assist in product adoption, increasing efficiency, and streamlining business processes.