Creative Messaging & Communications

Are you looking for a way to capture more website visitors? Get better results from your email campaigns? Promote a product or service to generate more revenue? Or even communicate better with existing customers?
Since 1995, 4What has done extensive research, development, testing and analysis to refine our creative messaging and communication solutions. The results have  generated some of the best results for companies worldwide in their marketing and communications strategies. Our approach is a strategic, creative, personalized and engaging approach that has been proven to increase communications, comprehension and retention of your message.

A Solid Process and Strategy delivers a maximum ROI

We prefer to work with companies starting in the planning phase to provide the biggest benefit and ROI. If 4What understands both the short term and long term goals, we can assist in developing a strategy that will be centered around a delivery plan of creative messages to achieve the desired results. In addition the consistency within the audiences will play a part in the success of the message.  We have launched several programs with 4What and have generated some of our highest response rates and best quality lead generating programs while still achieving a low cost per lead. The working relationship with your team has been one of the most professional and enjoyable vendor experiences I’ve had in my 20 plus years in marketing.  

4What can work to develop a core presentation that can be re-purposed for multiple audiences and situations. For instance, if you are launching a new product we might develop a comprehensive series of presentations that might include a pre-launch teaser message, a product launch email presentation that would create a compelling message to generate leads, sales training so your sales team understands “HOW” to sell the product, a sales presentation for use in the field, sometimes a scenario based on specific target markets, and a creative and engaging follow-up message from your sales team after they have engaged the potential buyer.

When implemented correctly within an organization these can be very effective strategies to drive new business and increase comprehension of your message and objective. The strategies may be different for each unique company and situation, 4What will provide the expertise, knowledge and tools that have worked for other companies and will work for you.