Virtual Holographic Greeter

 The Holographic Greeter is an exciting information, branding and promotional messaging video which displays a holographic image projected on a life-sized cut-out that can help deliver a message, promote specials to drive sales or demonstrate products.  

Compelling, Engaging, Updateable

The Holographic Greeter videos are easily updated via wireless internet connection  and can deliver any message. The customer is engaged in a reactive experience where interaction and involvement encourages spending. Because the Holographic Greeter is so compelling, shoppers are receptive to the wealth of information she provides, enabling them to get the big picture of everything the store has to offer.

The Holographic Greeter will:

  • DELIVER your message 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • ENGAGE your customers and provide special offers and/or guidance.
  • CONNECT with your customers without intimidation.
  • CONVEY your message to a very receptive audience, and
  • CONVERT and increase your sales with this innovative system.

For More Information or a Personal Demonstration