Biomechanically engineered with the latest technology, a combination of stylish design, FitFlop is sure to catch the eye of the new SS13 offerings. Make super comfortable shoes - each pair of shoes absorb shock and reduce foot pressure to help, which is complete with triple-density soul.

Let's get out of the way of science. All range of shoes, specific muscle activation up to help diffuse the pressure under the foot, absorb shock and reduce joint load profiles, which use Microwobbleboard midsoles are constructed.

The storage array of neutrals, bright and neon colors near the summer flip flops, loafers, clogs, shoes and more to dress smart casual trainer model by offering covers all the bases.

PReP with a nod, 'MS' model offers a strong and stylish shoes. mix of color and silhouettes of boats, MS leather and canvas finishes are offered. The shoes such as brown, navy, black and olive color as the darker variety, and you're feeling extra summery, if, sunflower yellow.

Trend includes camouflage print, a day at the beach or go Slide II sandals for the perfect mate is a city stroll. His unfussy and simple aesthetic olive, chocolate and black in the darker shades are.

If you have more games like the aesthetic inspiration, then opt for Supertone. The FitFlop collection highlighted by the trainer model, and for good reason, is the best selling design. The shoe 1970 clean lines, a simple structure and feel great with jeans or back padded collar offers. The Supertone sky blue, a pop of color to her look like in black and neon green citrus is.

Overall, SS13 FitFlop footwear collection the best comfort without skimping on style that offers technologically advanced shoes.

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