4What to Participate in Charity for Change Celebrations


Charity for Change, the Naples based not-for-profit organization that instills “giving as a way of living” in students, has announced its schedule of end-of-the-year award shows for four School District of Collier County schools that took part in the character development program this year. These shows include students playing the bongos when Giver – the organization’s six foot tall orangutan mascot – makes his entrance. There will also be charades about character traits, and awards presentations to students, teachers, and principals.

Students from these schools have spent the past year learning about 72 local and national charities and selecting one to support. Together they established a financial goal and then brought in loose change daily or hosted mini-fundraisers to generate funds for their charity. Students have raised more than $15,000! All funds collected go directly to the selected charity.

To learn more about any of these activities, please contact the schools directly. To learn more about Charity for Change, please visit www.charityforchange.org.