4What and IntegrityNETworx form new alliance

June 20, 2013 – In 2007, advertising budgets declined dramatically as businesses cut overhead to stay afloat in a receding economy. As with other forms of advertising, dollars spent on internet marketing shrunk in the following recession. As business rebounds today, companies are once again looking to the web to connect with customers. But, as marketing departments are learning, finding those customers has become a very different game than it was six years ago.

Educating these businesses and helping them to capitalize on new online strategies is the primary focus of a new collaboration between two longtime Naples web marketing leaders: 4What Interactive and IntegrityNETworx.

“SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing have always been an important part of a sound corporate marketing strategy,” said Wade Mastro, 4What’s COO. “The world wide web is changing right before our eyes every day. To give our customers an edge, it only makes sense to partner with a firm that specializes in navigating that change – IntegrityNETworx.”

IntegrityNETworx and 4What have successfully collaborated on projects as separate entities for years. Current market conditions prompted them to create an official partnership.

“I am not exaggerating when I say that 4What can make magic happen,” said IntegrityNETworx founder, Melanie Bocock. “I’ve always looked at our relationship over the past decade as having an older sibling that I can rely on. I know that they can pull off just about anything I dream up for our clients.”

That creative wizardry involves captivating content for websites and social media, as well as, a healthy dose of search engine optimization (SEO), a key component of the plan if all that glamorous content is going to be noticed alongside the deluge of browser filling material.

“Our philosophy is that the website content is the hub and it must be coordinated with a suite of tactics including SEO, social media, blogging, content marketing and even offline efforts,” said Bocock. “Once the RIGHT KIND OF traffic gets to the website, WE CONVERT IT TO REAL BUSINESS.”

As part of their alliance, the two companies have been offering complimentary Lunch and Learns on 4What’s Naples campus to any business member interested in learning about new web marketing tools, like video emails, and effective online content. Search engine and social media tactics are also discussed.

“Melanie and I are customizing service packages to meet the needs of our clients in the wake of this constantly evolving landscape,” said Mastro. “By combining our talents, clients will get the expertise they need to be successful in their online marketing efforts.”

For further information contact:

Wade Mastro. 4What, LLC, 239-495-3010