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Designed by End User University, 4What’s Microsoft training is one program in a series of products that provide instruction on how to use basic and advanced features of this product. After training, end users enjoy the full benefits of owning the product. The training was designed to assist companies rolling out Microsoft products and to lower the cost of training and increase user adoption. For more Microsoft Training, see our product catalog at End User University.

  • Go Green and Eliminate Paper Manuals
  • Reduce or eliminate support calls
  • Train new employees on their Microsoft products and applications immediately

We found that our support calls dropped about 80% once our users had access to the training. Thanks for such a good product overall.”

–  Quote from a State University using the End User University Product.

About 4What

End User University, a subsidiary of 4What, creates powerful end user training and support programs for IP phones and UC Software. EUU’s highly engaging eLearning solutions are for manufacturers, partners and corporations to maximize ROI, increase sales, ease deployment concerns, reduce training costs and increase end user product satisfaction. It covers the basic and advanced features of the phones and can be customized to match the end users’ exact phone environment. Properly trained end users will utilize more of the phone features–ultimately providing a much higher rate of return on the investment. The End User University is a key catalyst in not only increasing the rate of return on that investment, but also in lowering overall support costs associated with IP phones.

For more information about 4What’s End User University solutions for SMB and Fortune 500 businesses contact us or call 1-888-464-9428.

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