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4What has produced numerous online training projects for Harley-Davidson in conjunction with E3 Performance Group. The training was produced for HD University’s LMS system and was SCORM compliant allowing tracking for each registered user. Multiple levels of training were produced including introductory video presentations to explain products, processes and concepts, a self-guided tour and a test-drive simulation allowing the users to try out POS and CRM products online in a simulated environment. For demonstrations of this eLearning project and more information on 4What’s eLearning capabilities register for a demo.

This does look like a nice improvement! I took the course this morning and wanted to let you know that I thought the team did a really nice job with the content and level of detail contained in the course.

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4What develops highly engaging eLearning for manufacturers, partners and corporations to maximize ROI, increase sales, ease deployment concerns, reduce training costs and increase end user product satisfaction. 4What continues to be a leader in online on-demand product training for the unified communications marketplace with our products designed specifically for partners and users of Cisco, Avaya, Plantronics and Microsoft products.

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