Cisco Systems E-Learning

4What has worked with Cisco Systems for more than 10 years to create innovative Sales, Product and Technical eLearning. We have established a solid streamlined process, backend applications to streamline the production cycle, and set guidelines and standards for Cisco eLeaning vendors. For more information and a demonstration click here to contact us.

About 4What

4What develops highly engaging eLearning for manufacturers, partners and corporations to maximize ROI, increase sales, ease deployment concerns, reduce training costs and increase end-user product satisfaction. 4What continues to be a leader in online on-demand product training for the unified communications marketplace with our products designed specifically for partners and users of Cisco, Avaya, Plantronics and Microsoft products.

For more information about 4what’s eLearning solutions for SMB and Fortune 500 businesses contact us or call 1-888-464-9428.

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