On-Demand End-User Training and Support Solutions

Microsoft Office Communicator4What Interactive has developed powerful applications used to train and support the end users of various Microsoft programs. This allows companies to invest in Microsoft technology and realize an immediate return on investment.  Our training programs have been shown to increase end user adoption, reduce support calls and increase use the of features and functionality. 4What Interactive can also integrate custom training to businesses and their specific needs.

Microsoft Office Communicator Training

The Microsoft Office Communicator is a powerful communications tool that makes it possible to instantly find and connect with the right person regardless of location or time zone.

4What’s Microsoft Office Communicator Training Program is an interactive, multimedia experience designed to train and support end user’s of this powerful tool. The MOC Training Program allows the end user to watch and absorb information at their own speed; rewinding and fast forwarding at their own rate.

The MOC Training benefits companies by showing the end user how to:

  • Add contacts and create contact groups
  • Send and receive an instant message
  • Customize your presence settings
  • Integrate calendars
  • Customize and manage presence in Outlook and SharePoint
  • And much more…..

Microsoft Office Communicator
Click for a Demonstration on How to Send an Instant Message

Microsoft Outlook Voice Access Training

The Microsoft Outlook Voice Access is a very innovative tool that acts much like a personal assistant would act for you. Through various voice commands you can interact with your email, voicemail, calendar and personal contacts as if you were right there in the office.

Microsoft’s Outlook Voice Access Training trains and supports the end users of this Microsoft product through a very interactive learning process. You are even given a written guide of what commands are acceptable in particular tasks to further educate the end user.

The Microsoft Outlook Voice Access Training benefits companies by showing the end user how to:

  • Retrieve, listen to, reply to, create and forward voice or email messages
  • Listen to or change calendar information
  • Retrieve personal contacts and directory information
  • Apply personal options to adapt to your own needs
  • And much more….

Microsoft Outlook Voice Access
Click for a Demonstration using Voicemail with Voice Access

In addition, 4What develops customized interactive training and communication solutions to meet the needs of your organization including sales training, customer training and communication solutions, HR, process and compliance training.

For additional information on this and other 4What Marketing, Training and Communications Solutions, including the VoIPTrainer Product, please visit www.4what.com or call 888-go-4What (464-9428)


    Interested in more than Microsoft?
    We also have training for Cisco and Avaya .  We have many end user Unified Communications and Call Center training programs.  We also have Reseller Programs available.

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