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Winter 2012

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Sylwia Bareja – P.A.

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Sylwia Bareja - Physician Assistant

To listen to Sylwia Bereja (yes, it's spelled correctly but pronounced "Sylvia")  talk about her journey from Warsaw, Poland to Houston, TX in 2000 and how she became a physician assistant, it sounds like a typical American Dream story, when there is a willingness to work hard and go with the flow.   With a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management, her original plan was to become a pharmacist.  However, fate took her hand and she ended up enrolled in the first Physician Assistant class at NOVA-Southeastern University's campus in Naples, FL.

Near the end of her training, she thought about working in cardiology, which was her favorite subject.  However, once again, fate took her hand when her final rotation was in Emergency Medicine, where she discovered her true calling, a passion for real "hands on" medicine. 

Emergency Medicine is "definitive" medicine, she says "and I was amazed at how I liked doing it.  I wanted to help and I wanted to see the results immediately.  It is very rewarding."   Apparently her advisors and Dr. Hobbs, managing partner at the Urgent Care Center of Southwest Florida, saw that passion, too, and Dr. Hobbs invited her to join the Urgent Care Center team, where she's worked for several years.  "The people that I work with at the Urgent Care Center are so supportive.  I feel very safe and comfortable with them," she says. 

Sywia is married.  Her husband, who is a small business owner, is also from Poland, but she met him in Houston.  Another passion is biking.  When she isn't working, she bikes "everywhere" she can.   Maybe that comes from her European roots!

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