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Urgent Care Center of SWFL - Estero and Cape Coral

Melissa Polley

Cape Coral
Mother of two boys

Mellissa has two boys ages 10 yrs and 15 yrs. Both play sports and are always getting injured. The older boy has had a fractured hand and a fractured ankle which were treated at UCC.

"UCC staff are great people and always wonderful to us. When you go to UCC, you don't have to run around like crazy to different places for different services, because all the services are in-house."


Urgent Care Center of SWFL - Estero and Cape Coral

Severio Vitello


In January 2010 Mr. Vitello, came in to the Urgent Care Center of Southwest Florida in the Estero Medical Center with a cold and cough and after an X-ray was taken, he was immediately referred to a local Hospital by Dr. Simmons. “Because Dr. Simmons called ahead, I went in through the ER the same day and didn’t have to wait.” Testing the next day detected a cancerous tumor in his lung. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Vitello had the tumor and part of his lung removed and “all is going well,” he says. “I was playing golf three months later.”

Mr. Vitello is a retired pharmacist and worked as a pharmaceutical rep most of his life. “I’ve called on physicians for many years and I’m able to assess doctors very quickly. ‘The wonderful doctor who saved my life’ ” is how he describes
Dr. Simmons. “This Urgent Care Center is just a comfortable place and everyone was wonderful,” he says. “I’m happy to tell everyone I know about it.”


Urgent Care Center of SWFL - Estero and Cape Coral

Myrna Ware

Resident of Ohio and winters in Florida

“Thanks to all the staff [at UCC – Cape Coral] for the kind and efficient care I received on my visit to your facility on 2/5/10. Proper testing and diagnosis resulted in my surgery for a ruptured appendix.

Because you paved the way for my admittance to the hospital, I received speedy treatment and surgery that evening. I spent 4 days in the hospital and I’m home now feeling well enough to go on our planned cruise to celebrate our 50th Anniversary. ”


Virginia Mason


Virginia and her husband live in North Carolina and spend the winter in Deerfield Beach on Florida’s east coast. In January of 2010, they were visiting friends from Germany in Cape Coral, when Virginia developed a severe pain in her back. When she arrived at UCC, they took her right in and found her blood pressure was very high. She saw Dr. Phelps.

“I can’t say enough about how wonderful the staff was, and someone stayed with me every minute I was there.”

She was sent next door to Radiology Regional for an MRI and a kidney infection was diagnosed. She was sent home with medication to treat the infection. This was on a Friday.

The following Monday morning she was back in Deerfield Beach and she received a call from UCC instructing her to contact a gynecologist immediately, since the MRI had also detected “something” on her ovaries. She contacted a gynecologist, and after a few more tests was sent to an oncologist who removed several tumors that, while not actually cancerous yet, were pre-cancerous.

She is so grateful to the Urgent Care Center for caring enough to follow-up that day, otherwise she “may never have known until it was too late.”


Annemarie Arias

Cape Coral

In December 2009, while out walking, she became dizzy and started to loose the sight in her left eye. She came to UCC and they discovered that she had a major blockage in her carotid artery. UCC staff paved the way for me to get in to the local hospital with a 90% blockage.

“I credit Rick Hall P.A. and the staff at UCC for saving my life,” she says. “They also helped my son regulate his diabetes and they diagnosed his gall stones. They are wonderful providers.”