Thomas B. Johnson, MD, FACEP

Partner, Urgent Care Center of SWFL

Urgent Care Center of SWFL - Estero and Cape CoralThe Urgent Care Center of SWFL is staffed by genuinely nice, caring people and we can really do a lot for the patient.  We have a nice referral network and unless you are dying, you should come see us first!
Dr. Thomas Johnson , Partner, UCC of SWFL

 What provided your inspiration to become a physician and then to select emergency medicine as your specialty?

 When I was five years old I cut my head open and had to be brought to the ER....Although  I was frightened, it is a very vivid memory that had stuck with me all of these years.  After I was stitched up, I thought that it was something I might like to do 'when I grow up.'

 During medical school, after every rotation I thought, that was OK but I just couldn't envision doing it every day.  However, after my ER rotation, I thought, 'yeah, I could do this.'

Please describe an especially rewarding experience you shared with a patient at UCC?

I took care of a middle aged gentleman with a large abscess, who was a 'self pay.'  I thought that he should go to the ER and have surgery to drain it.  He said he couldn't afford it and could I do it.  I reluctantly complied and had him come in a couple of times for a re-check.  He did great and it healed nicely.  A few weeks later he dropped off a thank-you card with $5.00 in it, saying I should go buy some beer.  That is something that 40 year old guys don't normally do, and I was touched.  

How do you spend your time when not helping others?

When not working taking care of others, Dr. Johnson enjoys fishing, boating, working out, and, especially spending any time available with his family. 

Dr. Johnson