Larry A. Hobbs, MD, FACEP

Managing Partner, Urgent Care Center of SWFL

Urgent Care Center of SWFL - Estero and Cape Coral“At UCC, the environment is spacious, clean, and calming for patients with the most modern equipment at our disposal. Our staff is specially trained to help diagnose and treat all sorts of acute medical conditions. These two factors help set us apart from the ‘usual’ urgent care clinics…”
Dr. Larry Hobbs, Managing Partner, UCC of SWFL

What inspired you to become a physician and why did you specialize in Emergency Medicine?    

Ever since visiting the doctor as a young child, I always thought I would enjoy working and helping people through science.  I elected to specialize in Emergency Medicine because of the excitement of the ER environment and the ability to help so many people in a short period of time.

Can you describe a particularly memorable or rewarding experience with a patient at UCC?

I was able to quickly recognize that an individual who came in to UCC thinking he had indigestion was actually experiencing an acute heart attack.  With our connections to the hospital and the medical staff, specifically a cardiologist on staff, I was able to get him flown via EMS helicopter directly to the cardiac catheterization lab where the cardiologist was able to 'reverse' his condition within 90 minutes from his arrival at our Center.  This helped save heart muscle and he was able to return to his active lifestyle without heart damage.

When not helping others, how do you spend your time?

I am an active musician in the community (as the bass guitar player for the blues band 'The Juice") and I like snow skiing, sailing, and spending quality time with my family.

Dr. Hobbs
    Urgent Care Center of SWFL - Estero and Cape Coral


  • Graduated from University of Miami Medical School in 1982
  • Completed Emergency Medicine Residency at University Hospital, Jacksonville, FL in 1985
  • Board Certified by American Board of Emergency Medicine 1987 - present
  • Staff physician at SWFL Regional Medical Center (SWFRMC) since 1985
  • Medical Director, Emergency Department at SWFRMC
  • President SWFL Emergency Physicians since 1989
  • Heavily involved with The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the Florida College of Emergency Physicians (FCEP), where he has been on the Board of Directors since 2001 serving as Secretary/Treasurer (2004-05), Vice President (2005-06) and President (2006-07)
  • On the Board of Directors of the Lee County Medical Society since 2002, serving as president in 2008.