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Winter 2012

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Winter in Southwest Florida is beautiful, yes, but, healtwise it could be risky…

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Will You Make it to 100?

Many more babyboomers will!

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Sylwia Bareja – P.A.

Will you Make it to 100? Number of Centenarians on the Rise

Baby boomers take 1995 one in 10,000 people lived to be 100 years of age.  Today, one in 5,000 do.  While medical advances help, heredity, a healthy lifestyle, and luck also play a significant roll.

Interestingly,   the Orlando, Florida Metro area has 318 men and women who are 100 or older - a 43 percent increase since the year 2000, according to the 2010 census, making it the largest concentration of centenarians in the country.  Then there are the Supercentenarians -- those who are 110 or more.  The two oldest people in Florida are "Onie" Ponder, 113, of Ocala and Elsie Thompson, 112, of Clearwater.  The climate in Florida must provide a good environment for longevity.

Research shows that 17 -20 percent of the U.S. population has the genetic potential to reach 100.  Today, centenarians are healthier in mind and body than previous generations, and they are good role models for our aging baby boomers - many of whom retire to the sunshine state.   How many people actually live to 100, depends largely on the lifestyle choices they make - including diet, rest, exercise, positive attitudes, family interaction, social and community connections, and even faith.

Can't Remember Which is the "Good" and Which is the "Bad" Cholesterol ?

Here's a neat trick to remember which should be low and which should be high: 

LDL cholesterol (bad) should be "Low-down." 

HDL cholesterol (good) is "Highly recommended."

Snowbirds depend on the Urgent Care Center of Southwest Florida for medical care while they are away from home.  A recent visitor wrote:

"We are from out-of-town and staying on Sanibel.  Got excellent directions, staff was so friendly and helpful on the phone, as well as in the center.  Your staff is quite impressive.  Thank you!"  John Carney, Jr.    (Reprinted with permission)

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