The Key to Living is Giving, Help Support Our Efforts This School Year


The Naples Basket Brigade needs your help

Hello, I’m Dede from 4What Interactive. Thanks for taking the time to watch our video about the Naples Basket Brigade! Three years ago, 4What started this local division of the Anthony Robbins Foundation in support of the International Basket Brigade Movement.

Throughout the year, volunteers deliver baskets of food, clothing, and hope to those who need it most. With the help of friends, family, and other businesses, 4What has delivered over 250 baskets in Collier County and the results have been amazing. On behalf of all the families touched by your generosity, thank you for your support!

This year, we are excited to announce that Gulf Coast High School’s ROTC class will help us meet or exceed our goal of doubling the number of baskets delivered!  But we also need your help. Simply go online to and donate $75 dollars for each basket you would like us to prepare in your name. Or let us know you want to assemble your own basket, drop it off to 4What or help us deliver it to a Collier County school the student attends.


Please visit our website and you’ll see story after grateful story from families whose lives have changed for the better after receiving this care package and reading Tony’s book.

For more information about the International Basket Brigade and how you can help, click on any of the links below. You’ll be making a huge difference in our community.

As Tony says, “The secret of living is giving.”

Thank you.