4What Produces Videos and Sharing Tool for Encore Realty

August 12, 2016 – Encore Realty was looking for a game changer to make their listings stand out in a competitive Naples, Florida real estate market. One look at the video work produced by 4What and Encore Realty knew 4What was up to the task. Broker Dante DiSabato has enlisted 4What to film home listing videos to showcase properties for sale.

Using 4What’s 4YourMessage video demo tool, DiSabato creates custom video sharing pages to provide home listing services to his clients. 4YourMessage allows DiSabato to send a personal video welcome message along with featured property videos and contact information to easily stay in touch with potential clients.

4What recently produced a fourth video for DiSabato with plans to create many more.

Visit Dante DiSabato’s 4YourMessage page at http://www.4yourmessage.com/encorerealty/meetdante/.