What Our Clients are Saying


I just took a look at the final courses. Both courses look great and I really appreciate the job your team did to deliver high quality training on time for our launch. I really thought the interactive steps in the Field Engineer course looked and worked perfect.  Thanks again for being so great to work with.


We want to thank you for all your efforts in delivering the CBT modules to Cigna specifications. We appreciate your flexibility and responsiveness. These modules are looking good. Going forward, we are expecting greater end user participation in training. Thanks to you and your team!


The end result was wonderful.

THANK YOU for stepping in and saving the day on this one!!!


I wanted to take a minute to thank you and the entire 4What team for all of the hard work, thoroughness, and time you put into this project. I am excited to see this tool grow and mature as we roll it out to our customers, and look forward to the next phases of our work with 4What.

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Charity for Change

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Supreme Auto

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Education Foundation

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Charlotte County Airport

Thanks again for your teams hard work on this project. The course looks great and everyone is very happy with it. I’m hoping to see it live on PEC later today. If you can join our last status call on Thursday I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to say thank you.

Cisco Systems Inc.

We have launched several programs with 4What and have generated some of our highest response rates and best quality lead generating programs while still achieving a low cost per lead. The working relationship with your team has been one of the most professional and enjoyable vendor experiences I’ve had in my 20 plus years in marketing.

Citrix Systems

This does look like a nice improvement! I took the course this morning and wanted to let you know that I thought the team did a really nice job with the content and level of detail contained in the course.

Harley Davidson Corporation

I contacted 4what to take a different approach on how we roll things out. If you’re looking for a unique way to roll out process improvements for a new project or ideas 4what is definitely worth talking to. They brought great ideas to the table. Second was their professionalism and thier project management. They delivered on time frame and within budget, did a great job in terms of keeping things moving along and really partnered with me every step of the way in making this project and the rollout a great success.


We were looking for an effective way to communicate our overall corporate vision to over 3,000 employees across the country. The results were both very effective in delivering our message as well as professional and consistent with our overall communications. 4What Interactive is a compliment to any communications strategy by utilizing their innovation through film, video, email as well as the internet.

Discover Card

We were looking for a certain type of partner to help us develop the UC Toolkit iPad App. We wanted a partner that understood our IT audience and could bring some creative flare and interesting ideas to the table. 4What listened to our desires and presented us with a concept that was not only user friendly but with a vision for our users to customize the iPad App for their specific UC office deployment. 4What has been a responsive and flexible partner to work with – we made the right choice in selecting them as our partner.