The proper use of eLearning for Corporate End User Training

eLearning certainly has its place in today’s organizational training environment, but is it right in every situation? To help answer this, let’s look at 3 situations where it does offer effective training.

eLearning is a proven and an effective format for delivering compliance type training. The majority of compliance training involves learning the rules associated with a given compliance area and then following them. Many of these compliance areas require regular refreshers of the material to ensure employees stay current and remember safety

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information. E-learning can effectively deliver the materials and knowledge required in most compliance requirements, whether it is health and safety, privacy, accessibility, financial

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regulations, etc. Also, when new staff joins an organization, many of these courses must be scheduled and administered within a limited number of days due to the expense associated with a live instructor. However, e-learning allows for training to occur at the convenience of the trainee and only requires the time of the participant. This creates a very cost effective means of delivering the compliance.

Another area where traditional e-learning can deliver significant value is in delivering consistently repeated messages. This is information that the organization wants each employee (or stakeholder) to understand exactly so that procedures and policies are carried out consistently throughout the entire company. Traditional training uses facilitators and trainers to deliver these messages to different employee groups repeatedly. Each time a facilitator delivers the message, it has the opportunity to change, or move off point, especially if the facilitator changes as well. E-learning provides a great tool for delivering these messages consistently. For example, company policies need to be delivered in a very consistent way. The organization needs everyone to understand and follow them the same way. Another area where consistent messages are needed is in the company orientation. This ensures that each new employee receives all of the correct materials and knowledge they need to begin being a productive member of the organization. Compliance training is often part of the orientation material.

The third area that e-learning offers great value is in training large or dispersed audiences. When people are spread over large geographic areas, the cost of training those individuals using traditional instructor led training can be very high. E-learning provides an opportunity to reach these audiences in a timely and cost effective manner. Sometimes all of the people maybe in the same location but the sheer number of people that have to be trained creates a strong argument for using e-learning. If the training you are providing only allows you to train 20 people at a time and you have 500 or more people to put through the training, the cost begins to climb quickly and the amount of time needed is also very significant. Develop e-learning to deliver the message and the entire group can go through the training quickly and at a fraction of the cost.


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